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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Purchased the East West Composer Collection HD

The power of e-mail marketing! 
East West was having a year-end sale where you purchase 2 products and get the cheaper one free. Yes I got this again from their promotional email in my mailbox. ;(

I actually only wanted to get just Golaith and the Symphonic Choir virtual instruments. Each one of them cost US$495. But in the end I also wanted the Stormdrum2 and maybe the Symphonic Orchestra virtual instrument. I was doing a lot of weighing in my head. I aimed to pick out 2 from the list, but in the end I was still left with 3: Symphonic Choir, Stormdrum2 and the Goliath.

At that point I realised that even if I bought 2 sets of 2-for-1 bundles, it would come up to about US$900. That brought me back to the original promotion: EastWest's Composers Collection HD offer. You can pick 7 virtual instruments and you get 75% off the total price, starting from US$779. That gives much more mileage for the money spent compared to the original 2-for-1 promotion. (I realise that after a while the Composers Collection link may go dead since they say it is a time-limited offer).

So in the end I ended up ordering for the Composers Collection HD.

On top of purchasing this bundle, they need an iLok licensing hardware for the virtual instruments to work. That costs about US$49. All in all it was a good but very expensive buy too. I found one for US$39.90 on Amazon.com and ordered it. I am now back in Singapore so I can only use comgateway.com to get it delivered to me. (Singapore is not on the list of "worldwide" addresses that Amazon will deliver to).

Now I feel a pang of guilt. The past 6 months have been the time I've spent the most money for as far back as I can remember. Fast and furious! I am not a professional musician/composer, but I am investing such a huge amount of money on these things. 

However I feel its the right way to go, when compared to spending money purchasing synthesizers, which is what I was doing for the past years. I don't know if it will pay off in the long run, but I feel it will definitely help me in the journey in music, equipping me with the industry-standard tools to make the music I like.